Siding is one of the most important parts of your home, because it is the part that the whole world sees! If you are considering replacing your siding and are interested in learning a bit more about fiber cement siding, then you have come to the right place.

There are many different types and brands of siding, but the most common are vinyl, wood, and fiber cement. I am just going to give you some information about fiber cement siding, specifically James Hardie brand, and how it stacks up against vinyl and wood.

  • James Hardie® Fiber Cement siding is extremely durable and tougher than the elements
    • It will stand up to storms and harsh weather
    • It resists water absorption to help protect against mold
    • It won’t be eaten by animals or insects
    • It is fire resistant
    • Fiber cement siding reduces time & money spent on maintenance
  • The HardieZone system is used by James Hardie to engineer fiber cement products for your specific climate so they can withstand all major weather conditions
  • James Hardie fiber cement is formulated specifically to reduce moisture intrusion and resist damage from wet or freezing conditions
  • Their ColorPlus® technology allows for nearly no maintenance because the color is layered on and baked into the boards multiple times to help make caring for your home easier
  • The boards also retain the vibrancy of their color in all weather conditions due to the ColorPlus® technology
  • James Hardie offers fiber cement siding in many different forms, including boards, panels, planks, and shingles so you can choose a beautiful design for your home
  • Fiber cement siding provides resistance to cracking, peeling and chipping

Now that you know most of the major benefits of fiber cement siding, you are probably wondering about the cost comparison between fiber cement, wood and vinyl siding. Fiber cement is generally cheaper than wood siding as well as longer lasting and more durable, but it is often more expensive than vinyl siding due to its durability and appearance.

Below is a comparison chart of the three types of siding to give you an idea of the pros and cons.We hope this helped you in your decision on which type of siding to use on your home, and if you decide on James Hardie make sure you give us a call here at Dynamic Decksteriors because we can install it for you! Call us at 913-522-5211 for a free estimate.