Are you ready to pick your pre-built deck or pergola package?


Deck & Pergola Kits

Dynamic Decksteriors knows how hard it is to check off those “honey-dos,” which is why we launched our prefabricated deck and pergola products. Designed to make men (and women) look like heroes to their significant others. You point, click, and then wait for our already packaged and build deck or pergola to come to your door. Makes it easy right! And because we already designed and cut it, its cheaper than a build-it-from-scratch deck or pergola.

Here is how our Prefabricated process works:

  1. Find the deck or pergola design you like online, or in our showroom. You select the size, shape and color you love.
  2. Our skilled carpenters will build out the kit you select. Making all the cuts, drill holes, etc in house. No more you measuring twice before you cut (and still screwing up… yeah we called you out.).
  3. We load up the ready-to-construct deck/pergola of your dreams and deliver it to your home or business.
  4. With detailed instructions you can either piece it together yourself, or we will have a skilled carpenter in your area do it for you (obviously there is a charge if you have us do it).

Benefits of our Prefabricated Products

The obvious benefit to our prefabricated process is the time you save, but another is the amount of aspirin! This headache-free approach cuts the installation time more than in half, because we did all the work in house.

Our crews (or you if you so choose) can assemble your whole deck or pergola using just a drill. Get this… THERE IS NO ON-SITE CUTTING!

And because there is no on-site cutting you won’t have any extra materials sitting out on your driveway, or killing your grass! See now your neighbors love us too… You know who else loves us? The trash people. Why? Because there isn’t a ton of waste to haul away.

The products we use for your pre-built deck or pergola are hand-selected by our team. No bad boards and no flawed PVC products.

Like the Royals, when we are building custom decks or pergolas we often are at the mercy of Mother Nature… but thanks to prefabrication we generally have her beat! As long as conditions are right to install concrete piers we are a go.  Since we require a smaller window for on-site construction we can work around that pesky spring weather.

Are you ready to pick your pre-built deck or pergola package?

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