Nearly everyone enjoys spending time outside in some way, shape or form. Some people are happy to be out in the completely open air with no shade or barriers between them and nature. Then there are those of us who do enjoy being outdoors, but do not enjoy the bugs, the heat, or the direct sunlight. There are also those times when we want to be outdoors but the weather conditions don’t allow for it. Thunderstorms, rain and snow often keep us from delighting in the fresh air that we crave. If you ever feel like this, it would be smart for you to consider building a sunroom or screened porch.

Here in Kansas City, we live in a 4 season climate, so for most of us it is important to spend as much time enjoying the nice weather as possible. This can be difficult when it rains or storms throughout the warmer season, or when those pesky little bugs won’t leave you alone. A sunroom or screened porch may be the best solution, but you have to decide which one will best fit your needs. A screened porch or sunroom is also a wonderful and affordable way to add space to your home because it is generally cheaper than any other home remodels or additions. As I said before, though, you need to take some time to figure out which option will benefit you the most.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you consider building a sunroom or screened porch:

  • Do you like to spend more time outdoors in the warmer months, or do you like being inside more but still enjoy a lot of natural sunlight?
  • Would you like feeling like you are outdoors only during the summer or all year round?
  • Are you essentially looking to add a fully functioning room to your home?
  • What types of activities do you plan on using this room for? Some activities are better suited to an actual room, like a sunroom, rather than a porch that is still open to the elements.
  • Will you be putting a TV in the room?
  • Will the whole family be spending time in the room?
  • Do you plan on this being a room for children to play in, a relaxing room for you, or a place to entertain company?

Now that you know which questions to ask yourself, I’m going to tell you a few pros and cons of sunrooms & screened porches. Since we also want to make sure you know what each type of addition actually is, we’ll tell you that as well. A sunroom is a glass-enclosed porch or living room that lets in a lot of sunlight, and it is normally installed on a wood or concrete foundation. Now here are a few things to note about sunrooms:

  • Sunrooms can be built to have special insulation and ventilation which help make them comfortable year-round with lower energy costs than a normal home addition.
  • The temperature in sunrooms can generally be controlled, so you’ll always be comfortable.
  • You can see the outdoors because of the mostly windowed walls, but you don’t actually feel the breeze or breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors since sunrooms are completely enclosed.

Screened porches are a bit different due to the fact that they are enclosed in screens instead of glass. This provides some different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Screened porches are still open to the elements, which can be good or bad.
  • These are best used in the warmer seasons because the temperature will be the same as what it is outside.
  • Screened porches are great for keeping out bugs while still enjoying the outdoors.
  • Screened porches are also a less expensive option since they are not completely enclosed.

Both of these additions are a fantastic way to add value to your home, it is just up to you which one will best fit your needs. As you can see, many different factors can dictate whether a sunroom or screened porch will work better for you. Speaking with a contractor could help give you an idea of what will be better suited to your needs. Give us a call here at Dynamic Decksteriors to set up a free consultation! 913-522-5211.