There are a million different reasons why you would want to build a fence in your yard, or maybe replace an old one, but the two major reasons are privacy and security. Having a fence around your yard can give you a sense of safety that is very reassuring and you also know there is at least some barrier between you and your neighbors. It can be very difficult to decide what type of fencing you want to use because there are so many out there. To help make your decision a bit easier, we are going to recommend a few types and brands of fencing systems that we use here at Dynamic Decksteriors, LLC. We install these three fairly inexpensive and extremely durable types of fencing: Cedar, Aluminum, and Vinyl. Below are a few reasons why you might choose one of these fencing systems.


  • Cedar is a naturally durable wood
  • It is environmentally friendly because it is fully biodegradable
  • Cedar is more aesthetically pleasing than other type of wood
  • A cedar fence does not require chemical treatments or sealants
  • Cedar fencing is resistant to warping or shrinkage
  • It is naturally resistant to weather changes and insects or pests
  • Cedar is a less expensive option than aluminum or vinyl fencing, but this is due to the fact that these other fencing systems have more advantages


  • Aluminum fencing can provide more security than other fences if you use spear-topped pickets
  • Aluminum is a cheaper alternative to wrought iron fencing
  • This fencing does not rust like wrought iron can
  • Aluminum is lightweight and highly durable
  • Regis offers a limited lifetime warranty on their aluminum fencing systems
  • Aluminum fencing is extremely low maintenance because there is no rust and it does not require painting every few years
  • An aluminum fencing system can be adjusted to fit flat or sloped landscapes


  • Lansing offers many different styles of vinyl fencing to blend well with your landscape or neighborhood
  • Vinyl fencing is very durable – you don’t have to worry about warping, rotting or blistering
  • It requires very little maintenance because it keeps its color and can be washed easily with a hose
  • Vinyl is a fairly inexpensive fencing option because you won’t have to pay for stains, paints or treatments
  • Vinyl fencing systems are easy to install or replace
  • Vinyl is about 5 times as strong as wood, therefore it might make a more effective fence
  • This can be used in residential areas or in rural areas, like on a ranch
  • Vinyl fencing is very good for the environment because it is not treated with hazardous chemicals and it is recycled

There are countless reason why you might want to build a new fence, the main ones being safety and privacy, and all of these fencing materials will meet your specific needs. Some options can be better for different places or reasons, such as a more durable vinyl fence for a busy ranch rather than regular wood. These are all fairly inexpensive and valuable options for you to consider as you decide what to use for your fence. If you are looking for someone to build a fence for you, give us a call at 913-522-5211!