Our Story

Dynamic Decksteriors LLC is a locally owned, and operated business that started waaay out west (Minneapolis, Kansas to be exact) and made its way to beautiful Kansas City. The long and the short of it is our owner Adam Griest got married and had babies… yada… yada… yada… So here we are in our beloved KC!

And because we love KC so much we stayed and built our business… ten years and running….

Our experience and knowledge has helped us create thousands of projects in the Kansas City Metro. In fact we can probably name a hundred subdivisions in Johnson County.

“Building it Better”

Adam, our owner, is hands-on and demands perfections for customers. The “building it better” mentality was set in stage early on. Adam consistently visits job sites to not only make sure the process and product is right, BUT CLEAN! When his logo is out front he wants to impress not only you, but your neighbors. His small-town nature has taught him that nothing serves you better than your reputation. Hence the “build it better” mentality was born.

Relationships Mean Something Here!

The satisfaction of our clients is our #1 priority, and it is our goal to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Our company takes great pride in the relationships we build with our clients We as a company believe that building, and maintaining positive relations is the foundation of a successful business. Adam personally oversees each job, to ensure every customer is completely happy with their renovation, deck, or pergola project.

Giving Back Matters!

One thing you obviously don’t know is that Adam, our founder, was born three-months premature. While he obviously can’t recall personally what he went through, his medical records can.  Adam called an incubator home for the first three-months of his life. He weighed 2 pounds, 4 ounces, and could fit into his father’s hand. After extensive surgery and the love of those around him (nurses, medical staff, family, friends, and the good Lord above), Adam was able to make a full recovery and grow up without major complications. Knowing all that went into helping him make that full recovery, Adam has pledged to always give back. Immediately upon starting his business Adam pledged to donate a significant portion of every project to March of Dimes. The goal is to help others and there is no better organization around to help the 13 million premature babies born every year than March of Dimes. We appreciate you listening to our story as this is one of the most important aspects of our business.

Thanks for your support!